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Inserenda. 17) Personal Injuries

Disablemt: &cDifference in front degree of Mischieveousness</del> Mischief of.

The mischiefs produced by Disablement all these several
species of personal injuries differ in enormity, in
according proportion to various circumstances: vis: according to
the circumstance of age, sex, part affected, the [age]
sex, rank, and occupation of the sufferer.

Exempl. circumstances. Content. From 16 plain [manifest] that it takes away also the whatever reflex
mischief there may be in the case if any. Let it be
said that upon One man who beats another, with whom
he has had a quarrel. Has Now and then whoever The incident is made public.
Now it does not very well appear what ground this
gives to persons at large, persons with whom the man has no quarrel
to entertain any apprehension (for themselves)
on their own accord from such an incident; to suffer
what we have called a Pain of Apprehension [It
does not appear what occasion of apprehension
this should give to bystanders at large who have
no quarrel with ' such aggressor. They would have
ground indeed for apprehension If any one A person indeed each had</del>
an enemy stronger than himself A person indeed
who had an enemy whom he had reason to think
stronger than himself, might possibly entertain some
apprehension on the of such an incident, as serving
by and the way of example and instruction to all who
had resentment to take this like a method of to gratify ing it [as from
[their respective adversaries] But in this way it would
only serve at the utmost to the persons in question
in fear of adversaries of whom by the supposition
they were in fear of already. It could only serve to increase
fear when it subsisted already, not to produce cause it.
It would not have the effect of giving them any apprehension of

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