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Inserenda 30) Personal Injuries.

From 15. organical pains or the fear of them, and to which we have
given the name of Pain of Ignominy.

Exemptive Mem. circumstances. Age. In regard to Personal Injuries, particularly ignominious,
the age of the offender to be consider'd.

Aggrav. circumsts. condition of the Sufferer. The several sets of circumstances constitutive of different certain
ranks and occupations of the pers sufferer constitute
so many sets of exemptive aggravating circumstances.
These ranks and occupations which are those protected by our Law are as follows
1st That of Officer of Justice the King.
2dly That of a Privy Councillor
3dly That of a Judge
4thly That of a Ministerial Officer of Justice.
5th A Clergyman
The first of this aggravation raises the act into an act to the denomination
of Treason
The 3d & 4th places it in the order of Offences against
6thly Of any person in West:r Hall.
7thly of any person in a Church Yard.

Disablem.t temp.y Exempt. circust. Apolog. for proving self proposition From p. 4. the truth of several important propositions I am here about to engage in a new and singular enough
undertaking: to prove that which has men have hitherto been in constant
use to take for granted: to justify that those
opinions by reason, which men have hitherto been
led to embrace by a kind of instinct. To point out
in detail [in the utility of] certain methods of proceeding
an utility which men though severally governed perhaps by
a confused sense of it, have never yet set themselves
regularly to [develop.] examine into & unfold.

Here in I doubt not but there are those readers, [Some readers there doubtless are] who were it only

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