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Inserenda. 31) Personal Injuries.

Disablem.t &c. only out of curiosity, would be glad to see how an such
undertaking is now was atchieved: performed there are others
however that might raise objections to it. The end
of proof they will say is persuasion: when all men
therefore are already persuaded, wherefore go about
to prove?

I answer — on two several accounts. First for the sake of
regularity and consistently, correspondency that the plan at first adopted
may be executed with equal accuracy and in the same manner and with
regularity like precision through every part of the fabric to be
raised. Each part will by this means add reflect light
and add strength to every other.

Secondly [to shew] in order to make it appear that
there is no weakness in the principles: reigning principle: but that they
are equ in all cases alike they it hold equally good
and are is equally capable of being applied.

Lastly to help reconcile those who might otherwise feel
themselves disposed to be adverse averse to the principles themselves:
by shewing that the conclusions derived from them
tallied tally with and served to support those propositions
which the persons in question were already disposed
to put confidence in as so many indisputable and fundamental
truths. — But to return to our subject.

I give the demonstrations in question, not by any
means as necessary to produce in any person in the first instance
a th a persuasion of the truth of the propositions
proved: that persuasion will be soonest arrived at
through the mediary by the authority by the road of general persuasion. I give it only
in this view, that he if upon any occasion an inquisitive person
should be led to suspect the truth of it, he may hear what
grounds it has to support it.

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