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34) Pers:l Inj:s Inserenda.

Imprisonment Aggravations. kinds of senses. The eye is afflicted by darkness
the nose and stomack by [noisome] stenches, the whole body by cold, by heat, by damp by the
bites of vermin, the palate by hunger, or by unsavoury food, the stomack
by unwholesome food. or by hunger These aggravating circumstances
either because the place which happen'd
to be offer itself as but calculated for the purpose of imprisonment
was naturally obnoxious to those ends, or because
they were tolerated by suffer'd to prevail through negligence, or industriously
accumulated from through malice. Privation of pleasure. Lauzun's spider. In the second of these
cases they aggravate enhance the heinousness of the offence still more than
the first, and in the third than in the second.
As they are totally distinct from Imprisonment itself,
and the latter may easily subsist without the former
wherever they take place, they should be separately
alleged. charged in the instrument of accusation.

Attempts. Mischief of. In the mischief of an attempt, the organical pain
is wanting. The All pain which the attempt is productive
of is the pain of apprehension grounded
upon that of organical pain.

Commeration Threats unconditional )( alternative. Threats may be distinguished into unconditional
and alternative.
By I call them Unconditional threats I mean when they are the mischief threaten'd
is simply denounced, without the indication of any mode
of conduct b upon the observance of which it is not
to take place. I call A them alternative — Such a mode
of conduct I call the conduct enjoined.

Where the mode of conduct enjoined is the giving
money or the doing of any act whereby from which it is the intention of the threatner or

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