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36) Personal Injuries. Inserenda.

Aggravative circumstance — Motive Revenge for prosecution. Personal Injuries inflicted on a person man from Revenge on account
of his been instrumental in the prosecution of the delinquent
ought to be punished in a most exemplary
manner: much more than Personal Injuries inflicted
on any other account. But the offence with this
circumstance of aggravation belongs in the Class of Offences
against Justice.

Injuries through inadvertence )( praeter-intentional. Nusance An event may be both foreseen and intended: or
it may be foreseen without being intended: or it may
be [neither foreseen nor intended] both unforeseen and unintended.
It cannot be intended without being foreseen;
When that is without the possibility of it. being

When an event is foreseen without being intended, it
is an object of the belief: conceived it is believed that it may exist.
When it is intended it is an object of the will:
it is intended that it shall exist.

When [In the case where] it is foreseen when its probable contingent existence is an
object of the belief, it's eventual existence may be influenced
by [applications made] motives [forces] applied to
the will. It may be made to become an object of the will The will may be directed towards it.
though it was not Where it is unforeseen, where it's contingent existence is
not an object of the belief, conception it's eventual existence cannot
be influenced by motives applied to the will.
The will cannot be directed towards it: it is not any
where in the mind conception for the will to be directed towards

A All that the Law or any other force acting upon the
will can do in such a case is to send the will in
search after it the event in question. To put a man upon thrashing with himself
what events are probable or the consequences of that which

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