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Inserenda. 41) Personal Injuries.

Nuisances is made punishable by Law.

At first view It seems harsh to rank nuisances in the company of Catalogue
of Crimes. An act operative though productive of a personal
injury, when operating this way, is not apt to be regarded in
the same light of reproach as other acts operative productive
of similar effects. It is a phenomenon That this is the case such a distinction is made, is obvious to observation. that There seem more reasons for it causes for
the distinction than one. In the first place the obnoxious
event is not the motive of the act, and
does not enter directly into the intention. In the
next place there is an the very mischievousness of it
upon the whole is liable to a doubts which do not for which there
subsist is no room in the cases of other personal acts personally injurious
to men's persons. In the third place, although lucre
the party seeks be the motive, yet from the nature of the offence
the fortune and thence the rank and thence in a word the responsibility of the agent is [of such
that height] [which is sufficient to cover him from]
as renders it unnecessary to use that proceed against him
with that extremity of punishment that is necessary
to oppose to the cravings of indigent offenders.
It is generally by means of some expensive instrument apparatus
destined to contrived for other purposes that a man comes in this
way to work an injury to his neighbour: to do this
sort of injury then a man must have property;
and property carries with it a fund of sensibility which
makes it needless to have recourse to those harsh sounding

and as the character quality of the offence is that which ordinarily
does in the general contributes mostly to determine the punishment: so inversely

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