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43) Pers:l Inj:s

Nuisances. is the number of the persons who are affected by it.
But the chief and constant difficulty will lie in the want of a
common measure whereby the proportion between the
organical pain there is in the one case, and the pain of privation
there is in the other can be ascertained.

Touch and Taste not affectable by a nuisance by
reason of distance.

Vapour of putrescent substances — Among Acids the
Volatile Vitriolic — Among Metals the vapour of
Arsenic, & Lead.
Vapour or matter of infectious diseases — The Plague,
Small pox and putrid fever. Small Pox. Ki v. / 3 Barr:2116
Nuisance of hogs very problematical — much less noxious
than that of a Tallow-chandler's shop, Tallow-candle manufactory and even
of a Tanner's yard. Recording by the provision institution
of the Law in this behalf is not rigidly

Hazardous trades.

Gunpowder mills on account of the Doanger of
pain of the acute brand which is of a nature
very commonly to rise as high as a death.
Oil-Distillers. Chymist's Laboratories.

In these cases the pain is commonly so slight,
that satisfaction compensation might in general be made to the
persons affected, were they ever so numerous. But
as the means of attaining compelling that satisfaction are so expensive, the Law very considerately where the
number of such persons is considerable strikes off
compensation altogether, forbids any separate claims suits
to be made of it, instituted in that vein admitts only of that kind of
suit by which punishment without compensation may be administer'd and that once
for all.

Number not ascertained. The Law — uncertain and therefore
defective on that score. in that point.

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