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Inserenda. 45) Pers:l Inj:s

Motive bad in itself. From Pers. Inj. Simple 15. A motive is necessarily the bad, when the intention acquiesces
in the pain suffering of some person or persons, as
the ultimate object of it, and carries its views no further.
Even a Legislator, inflicting evil for the sake
of evil punishing an act for the sake pleasure he finds
in thinking of the pain of him who was should be punished for
it, even a Legislator, although the act were in itself a mischievous
one, even a legislator, or any one acting under in
the execution of the will of the Legislator, and inflicting
evil for the sake of evil, and not for the sake of preventing evil would might be said to be activated
by a bad motive.

The pain of the party punished not necessarily the utimate object of the intent of him who punishes. When The suffering of any person, when intended not
for it's own sake, but in the view of preventing evil; viz, the evil which is supposed
likely to ensue from acts of the nature of that
for which it is intended he should suffer, this suffering
I say, although it be the last of the such determinate events as are [determinate event which
is] in prospect as about to ensue from the act of
the punisher, is not to be reputed the ultimate object
of the his intention: the event which is the ultimate object of the such intention in
this case is of the negative kind: it is the non-production
of those evils which the act of punishment
was intended to prevent.

Event — when said to be determinate. An event may be said to be determinate with relation to
any one who has it in contemplation, when the time,
place and individual per following circumstances relating
to it are in contemplation. 1st If it be the motion
or situation of a thing, the individual thing of which it
is a motion or situation [together with the time and place
of the event Qu] is determined. 2dly If it be a person, when
the individual person together with time and place of which it is the a motion
situation or emotion, when the individual person [together
with the time & place of the event] is determined]

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