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Inserenda. 47) Pers:l Injuries.

Offences by non-feasance. Offences against person by non-feasance.
Leaving the roads bad unmended by which a [cargo
of goods is damaged or a] leg is broken.
Exclusion from an Inn
Abandoning a Child and leaving it to starve — to
a Prisoner.
Qu. Refusal of assistance to a man when person is
in danger.
Qu. Refusal of succour by the Medical faculty.
Neglecting to confine a beast apt to do mischief.

Pers. Inj: Extenuating circumst. Necessity. The intention of repelling a greater an mischief greater that with
respect to the public at large was greater than the mischief
of the act in question, [or introducing a good benefit more than
equivalent. Qu] But then the supposed mischief repelled
must be imminent — and not to be prevented by any less
mischievous means. Examples. Killing a man about to set fire to a
powder Magazine — Arson of Provisions or of a Post
about to be occupied by an enemy or body of subjects
acting in prosecution of a Rebellious design. Inundation
of a country occupied or about to be occupied by
an a body of Enemies or Rebels. Killing a man
infected or or under a reasonable presumption of his being infected with the Plague.

Strictures. Nusance Nusance — a term of vague reproach — instance Stat
18 Car. 2. c. 2. where the importation of Cattle from
Ireland is termed a public nuisance Warranted by them such high authority It is a wonder
Sr. W the Author of the Commentaries did not rank this
practise among nuisances.

Another instance is 6. G 1. 18. 19. whereby opening Subscriptions
for transferable stocks by persons not incorporated (called
bubbles) is declared a nuisance, and made punishable
and triable as other nuisances.

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