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49) Personal Injuries. Inserenda.

Imprisonment —
Exemptive circumstance Cause of Justification - for the
commencement — Being furnished with, acting
in pursuance of, a Press - Warrant.

For the continuance —
Having military power over that
body of men in which the party affected
is enlisted [enrolled.]

The Public mischief in the is very good
attending such a restraint in liberty where

The circumstance proposed in this case as an
exemptive circumstance is such as is by no
means calculated to diminish the mischief of consequent
the act on the contrary it augments it. It
does not diminish the private mischief of it:
and it very much augments the public. Where
Were a man to be taken up to serve [ain a military
capacity] in this capacity as a soldier or seaman by an
act known to be an act of lawless violence, the term such an act if known
would spread diffuse a certain portion of terror in through the
community: this terror however would be reputed &
kept within under moderate bounds by the known disposition of the Law by the
punishment denounced by the Law against the
authers of such injuries. Such an injury however ill-disposed the authers of it might appear
to be, would still however be expected to be inflicted meditated only on
particular accidental occasions, and on against a few
particular persons, such as might happen to
render themselves obnoxious to the person who has render'd himself, or to such other persons [in his situation] as have
or may be likely to have the motives and opportunities

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