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50) Pers.l Injuries. Inserenda.

-nities that he has. But let a Press Warrant now
be produced, let it the act appear to be done and cause
by authority of an person officer to whom it belongs
to collect men for the military service of the state,
it now appears that not this man alone but a
l great multitude of other men besides the man
in question are about to be exposed to the like
suffering. By this means either a universal
or at least a very general and extensive terror
will diffuse itself through the community: an
universal terror — a terror which will be participated
by every man, if no class of persons is understood
to be exempted from this violence: a general one
a terror common to all persons of a every rank
not understood to be exempted, if certain ranks are
understood to be exempted.

This mischief, heavy as it is must however be endured:
and why? because the infliction of it may be
necessary to prevent a much greater mischief. The calamity of being subjected by force to a new power foreign or domestic is supposed to be a greater calamity than any other which the community can be subjected itself to in the endeavour to prevent it, so long as that endeavour has any apparent probability of success: just as in the natural body the calamity of death is supposed to be greater than that of any pain.
A much greater mischief one may take venture to
pronounce that mischief to which the community
would be subjected were the members of it, to
lie as well with respect as well to their persons
as their properties at the mercy of th an enemy.
Such at one time or other must be the case with
every state were there not lodged in the hands
of some person or other, a power of taking upon
occasion these extraordinary means in it's defence
There is but one supposition in which such a power
would could not be necessary: and upon that supposition it
would not be possible. It would not be necessary. I mention it only to shew it's to be extravagant.

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