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Inserenda 51) Pers:l Injuries.

if every individual in the community were already profitably
engaged in the particular business of it's defence.
If all were soldiers or sailors there would in that case it is
true be no occasion of making could not be necessary to make more of those
soldiers or sailors, precisely for the reason that
there were because it would be impossible.
Tell Embargo So long as is not the case there may happen to
every state occasions in which in order to defend
itself with any probability of success it may be
necessary to have recourse to this extremity.
The more moderate and oeconomical the peace
establishment of any nation is, the more it is
stands exposed to such necessity. [The exercise of such
a power] it is at the expence of personal liberty
that such a power is exerted. On the other
hand the greater is the standing force of the nation,
the less likelyhood there is of there being
occasion to make this any such sudden augmentation.
But the greater the standing force is of
any nation, if that force be at the [command]
or disposal of a person or body other than that
person or body which is invested with the supreme
power, the greater the danger is of that the first-mentioned
power will swallow up the second.
the greater therefore is the danger to the political liberty
of the state. In this matter therefore the interests
of personal liberty and those of political
liberty are at variance. A man must [make choose
his option] between the gratification of his attachment to the one of them
and of his attachment to the other. It is idle in any

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