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52) Personal Injuries Inserenda.

any man to fancy he shews a stronger attachment
to the cause of liberty in general by pleading in favour of the
one rather than the other: by pleading for instance
against the power of pressing, rather than in favour
of it. Make your army & your navy stronger, and military force
you will have less frequent occasion for pressing:
but then there will be more you will be in greater danger, of seeing your
King or whoever else commands your army, will
swallow up set himself above your Parliament or whatever
person or body of persons possesses [your] supreme power.
Make [your army & your navy] your military force
less and there you will be in less danger of seeing your
King or whoever else commands your army
set himself above your Parliament or whatever person or body of persons possesses your] supreme
power: but then [the need of pressing will be more
frequent] you will have more frequent occasion for

This argument assumes 1st That the destruction
[dissolution] of the state is a is of a nature to carry with it greater a mischief
than the exercise of this power limited in the best
manner it is capable of being limited.

2dly That there are occasions in which it may
be necessary by compulsion to en engage persons in the military
service of the state in order to prevent the dissolution
of the State.

There is no war in which the dissolution of the state existence of it is not
put in hazard. is not hazarded: because there is no war in which
the invasion of the state and principally of that part
of it where the supreme power is in use to exercise
it's functions] is not likely to be attempted, where there appears

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