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54) Personal Inj:s Inserenda

Nusances. The same Nusance which when consummated consummative affects
an nuisance injury to an individual only, is while as
yet inceptive an injury to affects the neighbourhood:
because is as yet uncertain the person individual who
may chance to be a corporal sufferer by it being as yet

Ruinous Buildings one sort of Nuisance
Unsound or ill-provided Ships another. Here mention Hawksworth's
voyage or else under title Homicide.

The maxim sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas,
is useful for the sake of may be of some use towards fixing the attention, but is
not precise enough to direct the judgment. Carried to
it's utmost extent it would make sad havoc with
men's properties; and would make much more mischief perhaps
than it would prevent. Itn is not sufficiently
consider their general maxims men are apt to find themselves
with the notion of doing pure good every where:
they do not sufficiently consider that the whole business of government
is but a choice of evils. What ought to be
done [in the case in question] is, not to prevent a
man from doing any thing by which his neighbour the public community or
any part of it may suffer damage, but only to prevent him from
doing any thing by which the public community may serve
such a damage as shall be more than equivalent to his the his profit. added to what other what he or profit, if any, may be reaped from it by any other persons. To
state an account of benefit and detriment sustained
by the several parties concerned in virtue of the act mode
of conduct or practise in question, and according as the former or
the latter preponderates, to allow of the practise or forbid

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