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Inserenda. 57) Pers: Inj:s

Exempt circumst Consent No act consented to can be a personal Injury.+ + Unless the motive to the consent be a pain which the agent has no right to inflict: or the withholding an instrument of security which he has no right to withold. -tact is experienced. [To shew that he has determined determines
it to be pleasurable rather than painful there is
no proof possible evidence so conclusive as that of his consenting:
that is to say where provided always that no other
probable motive can be assigned for his such
consent than the very sensation by which by the contact
is produced accompanied.] If a man by a
voluntary motion, or by rest when to avoid it by motion is in his power or acquiescence concurrs in the production of a
contact, and no motive can be assigned for such concurrence but that which is furnished by the sensation itself; there can not be a surer sign that
the aggregate of the sensations produced at the time by the contact is pleasurable
upon the whole: it is such observation is indeed the only
evidence except that of report which a man can have of any sensations
being that pleasurable to another [man]
offence is derived the just and well known maxim,
there is no disputing of tastes.

Pers. Inj: in general. p. 1 affecting Security )( liberty )( life Injuries affecting a man's person may be distinguished
in the first place into injuries whereby either produ-
a contract is produced and by that means a
painful sensation, or else the danger or apprehension or danger of such contact
and such sensation: and injuries not producing
unless by accident any such sensation
or apprehension, or danger but only an impeding serving only
to impose interpose some external passive obstacle to the increase
of a man's corporeal powers. Of the Under the first division
Security It is one of the titles adopted by the A. of the Commentaries — this appellation is not probably very exact — since
it may seem at first view to extend perhaps to
liberty certainly to Life, if not to liberty.
Life and Liberty are unexceptionable

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