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58) Persl Inj:s

Hence it is manifest that Crimes of the sort that
are called unnatural, when committed by consent
can not without the most signal impropriety be
referred to included under this division. or any person by whom they are voluntarily committed, in whom consent accompanies the act

Homicide on prospect of succession. Homicide on prospect of succession — Qu.
whether to refer it to Offences against person simply
or to offences against person and property?

Motive natural )( factitious Distinguish between the natural and the factitious
motive to a crime — Money Lucre may be afford the
factitious motive to any crime. The natural
motive is the motive of the Principal. The
factitious motive is the motive of the accomplice.

Wager a factitious motive. Suppose a man to lay a wager that he will do
such a man such a personal injury. Here supposing
him to have no other motive, the profit of the wager
is his motive: this profit not being the natural consequence
of the injurious act, but a consequence artificially annexed to it by the party with whom he
laid the wager, is a factitious motive.

A case that often happens is
An injury extra-intentional with respect to the
object is a complex offence. The To understand the nature
of it we must anilyze it into the offences of
which it is composed. These are 1st an attempt
upon whereof M. the party missed is the object: an
offence inconsummate. 2dly an actual but praeter-intentional

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