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60) Pers:l Inj:s Offences praeter-intentional with respect to the personal object Inserenda.

upon not as a murderer, but only as a man with who once
had murderous intentions: between which he characters how little difference
soever there is in the nature of things there is
a great deal in men's conceptions. the imaginations of men in general. On the other hand
if at another time on another occasion having aimed at no man, but at a dead mark for instance or at a
beast that was running to attack me, I had but killed
H I should have been looked upon as a man
possibly blameable on the score of my inadvertence,
blameable, but at the utmost but slightly blameable. Now
then let these incidents, viz: the criminal endeavour, and the unintentional mischief, happen on the same occasion: it
is manifest that the real ground which the public
has for apprehension and for resentment is not varied in the least.
However the actual apprehension and the actual
resentment which it is apt to entertain is not governed by
these nice considerations. It looks upon me as a
murderer; and as a murderer it both dreads and
hates me. It has been As to the real danger, that independent
has been ob of the apprehension, that, it has been already observed, + + See Ch. Of Offences inceptive and consummate. is the same
in the case of an inceptive offence as of one consummated.
The whi But the public mischief resulting from a
private offence is composed of the actual apprehension
from it resulting from it and together with the real
danger. The public mischief therefore is the same
in the case where the intention and the event are stand
sever'd separate as if they were associated. connected. But the public private
mischief is manifestly the same in the one case as
in the other. Therefore the whole mischief is the
same in the one case as in the other:
To Offences praeter-intentional &c B. Offences in general.

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