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Notes 1) Personal Injuries. Simple

Injury. From p. 1. I do not say Personal Violences: because the word Violence
seems to import an organical effort on the part of him to
whose act it is applied: whereas there are many
ways in as we shall see in which organical
pain may be produced + + occasioned in a mans person without
any such effort.

It may be objected perhaps to the word Injuryies
that it seems to beg the question; that is determines
that the act to which it is applied ought to
be in the number of acts prohibited and made
punishable by every State Legislation: or else that it decides
asserts a fact which in many instances is may is likely not to not
clear hold good, and indeed does not hold good:
viz: that the sort of acts to which it is applied are
actually so prohibited all of them in the several circumstances
hereafter specified actually so dealt with by every
State Legislation.

In both These two senses, it must be confessed the word is
used, the word injury meaning contrary to Law
from in against, and jus, juris, Law. viz:
a contrary either to the imaginary Law of Nature:
that is what contrary to what as is supposed
ought to be the Law of every state or at least
of most states: or to the Law of that particular state or at least contrary to what ought to be done, whether it ought to be prohibited or no.

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