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Notes. 3) Personal Injuries. Simple.

Mind and Body. [c] In speaking (for the purpose of the present inquiry) When I speak of mind and body as two distinct
objects [existences] I would not be understood to meddle interfere
in with, much less to decide either way on the great controversy
whether in point of fact they are two distinct existences
or no. It is sufficient to assume so
much of the case as is evidenced by our senses,
and stands uncontroverted on both sides. by both parties Certain
acts are done [by a person] in virtue of powers
that are called bodily. Certain other acts are done
by the same person in virtue of powers that are
termed b mental. That the former latter are done performed by
the same person by whom the latter are also performed
is matter of fact, matter of experience:
whether the latter can be done performed by a person
incapable of performing any of the former, whether
there exist any being capable of performing the
latter without performing any of the latter, is matter
of probability: matter of argumentation.

Pain or Uneasiness. The word Pain may be and and by writers who take on handle the subject in a strict didactic way manner consider'd as a generical appellation
[of the most extensive nature] i including every sensation
whatever which in the conjuncture in which
he happens to experience it, a man had rather
not experience. In common usage however it's import

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