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1) Pers:l Injuries. Imprisonment. Personal restraint

Imprisonment Defined Under By the name of I an Act of Imprisonment
I would comprehend any act whereby an unsurmountable in a physical
obstacle or qu. threats of per instant organical pain is [raised] opposed to the faculty power which a
man has of moving loco-motion. from place to place.

Imprisonment )( Disablement. Inclusion Exclusion It differ The notion of Imprisonment differs from
that of disablement, in this respect. To the completion
of an act of the latter kind, an actual contact is
requisite between the person of the party injured, and
some other body made use of as an instrument.
to the completion of an act of the former kind, no
such instrument is required.

Imprisonment made to comprehend. exclusion as well as inclusion. Clause of ampliation. Under the name of Imprisonment, I would wish
to comprehend, as well the excluding a man from
a place he has a mind to be in, as the including
or confining him within a place he has a
mind not to be in. With respect to these pathological
effects, as we shall see when we come to consider them, we shall easily perceive the two cases are exactly upon a
par. The injury that is done a man, the pain
he is put to by is exactly of the same sort in the one case as in the other.
It is In truth let us examine it closely and we
shall find that it is at bottom the same case, only differently
described. In both instances the obnoxious event is that of a man's
being kept out of some particular place that at a given time he has a mind
to be in: now [the keeping him in another some
other particular place is but one means of doing
this] this purpose is equally effected whether he
be kept in any other particular place or not.
The case is that the former method of effecting it being the easiest, is

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