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2) Person:l Inj:s Imprisonmt.

Imprisonment comprehends exclusion as well as inclusion. is in practise the most frequent. Hence it is this
that has given denomination to the act. There
are places which a man may be kept out
by obstacles raised upon and applied to the spot in question,
all other spots places in general being left free to
him. A man may be kept out of a house
by locking the doors: out of a walled
town by barring the gates: out of an island by
by laying an embargo on keeping out of all
vessels that are bound to it from the place
he happens to be in: or at once otherwise by laying an
embargo on those vessels. But in general, the
larger the place, the more difficult it is to keep
a man out of it: and there are few large places
as that so circumstanced, as that a man can be
kept out of them for any length of time kept out of them.
Besides oftentimes and indeed usually the purpose in view general is not merely
to keep him out of a single place for a constancy,
but out of many places in succession. The purpose
in both cases and particularly the latter
is effected most easily and securely, by keeping
him within a place narrow spot calculated contrived for the purpose
and distinct from any of those he is intended to
be kept out of. Such a place is stiled a prison what is called
a prison. Now whether a man who at a given time has not a
mind to be any where but in one certain place
is is kept out of that place simply, generally or by being kept within

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