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3) Pers:l Inj:s Imprisonment.

within such a particular place, as in general is
called a prison, is may be a matter [to him] of indifference
[to him. In both cases particular bounds are
set to the exercise of his locomotive faculties. In
both cases he is put under kept in in a certain sense sense confinement. In
both cases he is kept in a certain sense in prison. The difference
is that in the one case his prison is small
in the other large. If a man is kept any where but in the place he in which for the time being he has a most mind to be, he is kept in a place in which he has a mind not to be: if he is kept in a place in which he is a mind not to be, he is kept out of the place wherever it is in which in which for the time being he has a mind to be To a the lover, excluded from
the narrow spot where dwells the mistress of his
affections the whole universe is a prison. The sense
in which the word prison is here used strikes one
at once as being [ strained] and hyperbolical. Yet
for this sense at as well as the usual one it is necessary
for to find some word or other ere we can
give an adequate description of the evil which
it ought to be the Law's purpose to prevent. No
such word as yet, for aught I can find, does the language
furnish. I know of no better expedient than
to take the word prison, and in a legal as well as
poetical way of speaking, giving to give this extension to
the import of it.

With this extension to the import of it, the word Imprisonment it may be understood to comprehend
what in common popular vulgar language has got the name
of Kidnapping.

It comprehends Kidnapping. By Kidnapping is understood the transferring of a
person to a place distant from that which he
chose to be in or was supposed to be about to choose
to be in; and insomuch that where the obstacle to his being in
the place he would choose to be in, consists principally
in the circumstance of distance.

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