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6) Homicide.

Mischief, Public But howsoever it may be with the private mischief
of Homicide, whether it be a good or an evil, or whether
being an evil, it be a greater evil or a lesser,
all this, with respect to the public mischief of the offence,
makes no difference. Evil or no Evil in itself,
it is that which men in general dread more than any
other. This is a plain matter of fact indisputable
and undisputed: the apprehension of it [therefore may
be an a mighty evil.] may be cause a pain, and that a
most intense one.

Motives. Anger the most natural So various are The Motives from which the offence an act of Homicide may
takes take it's rise [are so various] [so various likewise]
and so various accordingly are the sets of circumstances by
which the influence of it on the community may be
modified [its effects in society may be influenced] that
one scarce knows at first view [especially] it seems
very difficult what circumstances to fix upon as
constitutive of the natural and ordinary character
of the crime: nor therefore what sets of circumstances to look
upon as deviations from that character so as to
constitute so many sets of exemptive, extenuative exemptions, extenuations
or aggravating circumstances.

Shew why this is not equally the case with regard to
other personal Injuries.

There are two cases, in which [where lucre is the motive] no other personal injury would answer the end in view with the delinquent. One &c to 19. [To solve this difficulty, I know of no method more
proper] than that of recurring to priority: the circumstance]
Among these various circum To settle the pretensions which those

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