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7) Homicide.

Motives — Anger the most natural. various motives, and the various sets of circumstances with
which it is the of those motives to invest the
act, may to the constituting of the natural standard character
of the offence, act there seems to be better point to
rest them upon, than that of priority. antiquity That motive
which seems likely to have been the first that ever
gave birth to the act in question, seems to have
the best pretensions to constitute the character of
the offence. Now of all the motives that have
been above enumerated, Anger is that which seems
likely to have been the first that impelled a man
to such an act.

It is the nature of Anger to seek for it's gratification in
the pain suffering of him [who is the cause of object of that emotion]
by whom that emotion was occasioned []
The most obvious method of producing pain is by a
personal Injury. The more violent the Anger, the
more violent of course will be the injury: and the
more heavy violent the injury, the nearer it approaches towards
[that this] which is the term and limit of all personal
injuries [Death]. When a man's Anger wrath is wound
up to a certain pitch of intensity [fierceness] which
it is has been the more apt to be wound up to as man
has [nearer approached] receded less from the original
savage state, his intention, his wish is to
produce as much pain in his adversary as he
can; now [an act] a train of conduct instituted act on
foot in that intention will soon terminate find it's termination in
death. Anger then is a motive which at the
very earliest stage of human nature existence may have begun

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