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8) Homicide.

begun to produce instances of this offence.

It is not so with Avarice: since that necessarily supposes
property to have already been already established.
The case where this motive is self-preservation supposes against one individual I mean self-preservation as a
an attack made against which the party is to be preserved.
This attack could proceed for the same
reason that has been given from no other than the
same motive Anger: now the probability is that
he who was first angry should first kill.
The case of Self-preservation as against the Law
supposes the establishment of Law. Sport is and
always must have been too singular and uncommon infrequent a
motive to come into competition with that of Anger.
And With respect to Benevolence it is may to be observed that
it is more likely one should have been wound up to
this pitch of resentment by his own sufferings than
by those of any other person.

Anger then we may say is was the first of all motives
from which it seems likely that this offence an act of this sort originated.
The standard mischievousness then of the crime
should be that which it possesses when produced generated gives birth to
by that motive. Therefore the degree of mischievousness
[at which it ] which it possesses when generated
by that motive is the standard seems to be the proper to which the mischievousness
which it possesses when it in the case of it's [generated] it
takes it's rise birth from any other motive, is most properly
compared. The several sets of circumstances, in which in it at is in the nature The other motives with from which it may also of

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