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10) Homicide.

pain that [behoves] may reasonably be expected to precede Mischief. Public.
a natural one. The Public mischief then
is in specie the pain of apprehension grounded in that which
organical pain that appears to have preceded the death
in question, added to that which is grounded in the
general loss of for the apparent value of
the whereby the sum of a man's pleasure #is supposed differs from
#during a given period
his pains to exceed that of his pains.

In intensity
The magnitude of this pain of apprehension will be
In probability
as the apparent magnitude of the sum of the above mentioned
evils pains, {multiplied divided} by the probability of their occurring.
This probability will is as the number of
chances which a man conceives their him self to
have of for incurring them these evils to the number of chances
against this his incurring them. This number
will be as the number of persons from which
he conceives himself to be liable to incur them, multiplied
by the number of occasions on which he
conceives himself liable to incur them from each

In proportion therefore as a man conceives himself to have more
subjects of quarrel enemies violent enough to
have recourse to such methods for gratifying their
hatred, in proportion [as he has more frequent subjects
of quarrel] subjects that as he is conversant
with more subjects that are likely to administer
occasions of quarrel, in proportion as he conceives
himself likely to give more provocations,
he will more apt to take an alarm upon from being
witness to an act of Homicide. If he conceives himself

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