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13) Homicide

(from p. 6.) This will evil consider'd with as subsisting in a view to the public
in general will be greater, as the number of persons
exposed it to are or will depend upon &c. is greater, and as it is greater in
each person.

It will be greater in each person as the danger which
he apprehends himself to be in of suffering death is
greater and as the organical pain by with which he apprehends
as about to be preceded such death is greater.

The danger he will apprehends himself to be in of suffering death will be
greater, as the number of persons from whom he appre sees
reason to apprehend it is greater, and as the number
of occasions is greater in which he sees reason to
apprehend it from each person.

Occasion An occasion is an assemblage of concurring conspiring circumstances
i:e: motions and situations of circumjacent and other influencing besides.
Opportunity An opportunity is are spoken of with reference to an
intention: and some event that is the object of it. it is used to signify an occasion that is
supposed to be favourable to the execution of such intention. design.

false-defence. An officer A Minister of Justice by profession will be attra exposed to this danger
at no other time than what is of his own choosing: at
no other time than that which he himself takes for
attacking the delinquent. As this time is in his choice
he knows he may prepare himself accordingly. He arm himself
may procure such assistants as he deems requisite,
and provide himself and them with such arms as
he then imagines with sufficient to secure them. for their security.

Resolution The profession he exercises is what one that he has voluntarily
engaged in: he would not have engaged in it had

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