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14) Homicide.

had he not perceived himself to possess a resolution
adequate to the dangers of it.

From Homicide then or other personal Injury inflicted
on a person acting as a minister of
Justice none but such as it shall have see occasion
thereafter to act thereafter as ministers of Justice
will see reason to [fear] entertain apprehension:
and That apprehension which they will enter in them
be less intense than in other men at large who
should derive apprehension from among knowing of the like
person Injuries having been inflicted on persons in
circumstances as the same circumstances with themselves: it will be
less, I say, in them in two accounts 1st because as was before observed their real and thence their apparent danger
will be less: 2dly because from the prospect of a
given danger, their suffering will be less.

It may here occur, that all persons whatever, or
at least all persons of a certain age and of the male
sex are on a way liable to act by accident as occasional
Ministers of Justice in the apprehension of delinquents.
But whether they will act so or no, is what they
perceiv'd to be a matter that depends upon their choice.
Now a danger that a man knows he may choose whether he
will expose himself to or know no, will never cause produce
in him any violent degree of apprehension.

It may still by urged that by our Law, as
it stands at present a man is liable in many cases to be punished
for not assisting a minister declining to
act in the this quality of an occasional Minister
of Justice. To This is an objection drawn from
the actual state of the Law: to this therefore an answer

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