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15) Homicide.

-swer drawn likewise from the actual state of the
Law will be not improper. The cases in which this
necessity is by the letter of the Law imposed on persons
in general are in comparison to but few: in those few, per few
persons it is probable know any thing of such an
institution, and those few know very well that in
practise nothing is less frequent than to see it enforced.
In what cases and in what circumstances and under what functions it
persons in general ought to be made subject to this duty, is a matter question that
will come properly under consideration under the head title
of Offences against Justice.

On the whole then it appears that &c

Utility here coincides with popular prejudice. It happens that in this behalf the distinction conduct which
it is incumbent by the principle of utility is to indicated as proper to be observed
by the principle in this behalf coincides luckily
enough with that which the prejudices of the
people dispose them to wish to see observed.
It is not here the place to enquire into the nature
and cause of the mechanical antipathy which
the people at large are apt to entertain against
those who act in the important and necessary character
of Ministers of Justice. It is sufficient here
to observe that such an antipathy in a greater
or less degree still subsist actually amongst the people of every
nation actually subsists. The When the interests of
a person at large though a delinquent and those of a Minister of Justice
come in competition, it is seldom in few cases that they can
bring themselves to side heartily with the for latter against

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