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16) Homicide.

against the former. They would hardly be so well satisfied
to see a man punished in a given degree
for killing or doing any other personal injury
to a professed Minister of Justice, as for killing or doing

Intention discriminating )( indiscriminate or indiscriminating

the same personal injury to another man.

Lucre a more constant motive than Anger. The Lucre Motive of Lucre is a motive is a much more constant in it's operation
than that of Anger. The former motive in a greater or less degree reigns in all men's bosoms. The object of desire is wealth in general, the universal instrument of all sorts of pleasures: wealth, wheresoever it may be found: wealth by which more soever it is possessed. There is no time at which
any man would not be glad to add to the sum
of his possessions. But it To dispose a man
to entertain such a propensity no particular incident
is necessary. But the motive of Anger
reigns not at all times in the breast of the most
irascible man alive. The object of desire is the pain
of some particular person only, or some few particular who have occasioned a man
displeasure. But for any man to have occasioned displeasure
to another, some particular incident must
have happend. But it is not in every case where
a man has occasioned displeasure to another that
the pain of the former becomes an object of desire
to the latter: and where it has supposing it to have become so,
there is hardly that a man alive in to whom it
will continue so without interruption and without

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