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17) Homicide.

— when to be deemed intentional. In the following cases The intention shall ought to be presumed mortal [mortiferous] unless
any particular circumstances should appear to
afford reason for deeming it to have been not so.
1st Where Fire Arms have been employ'd as Fire
Arms, or where any sharp instrument has been employ'd
of the kind of any of those which shall appear
to have been made solely or principally or solely principally
for the purpose of offensive fighting. Such are
Sword Bayonets, Daggers, Tucks, the weapon called
a Cut and-thrust, and so forth.

To produce a crime criminal act as well as any other kind of
act there must concur 1st a sufficient an adequate motive:
2dly a sufficient favourable opportunity.

Self-defence against a Minister of Justice. If the terror resulting raised from an act of Homicide or
any number of acts of Homicides or committed upon the
persons of ministers of Justice were so great
that no person could be brought to take upon himself
that office, [political society would be dissolved. Murders and all those
other miseries which it is the purpose business of Justice to prevent
would rage without controul: at least without any
other controul than that which it is may be
in the power of each individual to apply acting acting
for himself on his own behalf alone, and by with his
own separate unassisted and unequal strength. But
this as experience proves never is the case. Persons
have been nor said is there any reason to fear but that they and always will be found to take upon
them the office. tho' Not but that in particular instances, it may
sometimes happen they will be intimated from executing the

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