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18) Homicide

Self-defense against a Minister of Justice. the functions of it. When The more frequently such instances
are known to have happen'd frequently In such
cases the community at large seldom feels to be
more or less a sufferer. The suffering evil begins with
those who in the instances in question had reason
to apply the to the officers in question for their assistance.
It shews itself in the shape of a pain
of disappointment which they feel in being frustrated
in their the hopes they had formed of reaping according
to the circumstances of the cases, either compensation
or revenge. In proportion as more and more
such instances occur and are become known, an
opinion propagates itself among the people of
the weakness of the judicial civil power propagates spreads
itself among the people. In the same proportion
a pain of apprehension spreads itself in the
breasts of those who think themselves or find particular
reasons for thinking themselves exposed to particular attacks, and who therefore
have reason to look up to the salutary terror
of the Law as their protection, defence and who see how how
much perceive from the natural effect of the instances in
question how much the force influence of that terror must
be diminished. In Ireland instances of this state
of things but too frequently occur. But in this
happy Island they are much more rare. They are
scarce ever so frequent and conspicuous, as to produce
such a general sense of insecurity, as shall
materially affect the ease and happiness of the body of
the people.

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