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1) Personal Violences. + + or Acts producing organical Pain Simple.

This class of offences the simplest in it's consideration.
1.st Pain it produces — when in it's state of utmost simplicity Pain of body.
2. To what amount does it subsists in it's
several dimensions.
To consider it 1st as subsisting in one single person
who is the immediate subject of the act.
3. It may have been inflicted by the agent with or
without the assistance of an instrument. 3 If without — Biting, & Tucking &c, Apology Caution against Ridicule.
4. The instrument may have been rational animate or
irrational, inanimate rational or irrational.
5. If animate, rational or irrational. If rational, conscious or unconscious. + + And it may be the suffering party himself, viz by means of false information. The motion may have been 1st of the Instrument to the sufferer. as by a blow with a stick as in general. 2dly Of the sufferer to the instrument as by a fall in consequence of a push. 3d of Both together. As in case of a man's being pushed against a Windmill or Carriage. The Instrument may be brought into contract with the suffering part. By Mechanical action from the of the Author of the violence, as in the above cases or 2dly by Mental energy: & that applied to the mind of the sufferer. viz: by false information, of a or suppression of necessary information of any fact, as sending a blind man within reach of a Windmill.
6. If irrational the
6. And that as well with respect to the Law
as to the fact. And herein of the case where
the Instrument is put in motion by the procurement
of an enormous Judicial Sentence.
7. If irrational, the act takes a different
name according to the species of the instrument,
as Beating, Whipping, or according
to the change appearance of figure colour & other sensible qualities &c in
the number that is the subject of the action,
as Bruising Wounding &c.
8. The act admits of a different description
according as the effect is produced by the
merely mechanical properties of the instrument
(such as are common to all matter.)
figure, hardness solidity or impenetrability; or by fraction chymical

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