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3) Personal Violences— Transient.

Accident — Negligence — Motive affected. 4thly. The Time. 5thly The Place.
And hence of Accidents & Negligence. The effect: i:e: the quo pain eventually produced: & that in respect of quo intensity & duration. 6th

The intention or Will being supposed present respecting
the above articles or at least enough
of them to constitute criminality. the
circumstance of the Motive comes then into

The Motive is the immediate & mental cause of the [Will]
act of Volition.

It is The idea of that event or system of events whereof the idea expectation is the cause of that pleasurable sensation or emotion, which determines the external action. This motive may have been Anger: the Pleasure
of satiating Anger: the irascible Appetite or Avarice the Desire of Gains. Pleasure of Possession.
or Self-defence: the desire of repelling Pain or Sympathy.
This Anger may have been conceived by conceived
recently or may have been of long standing: in which this last
case it is called Malice.

Malice. It may have arisen with Provocation or
without Provocation. This Provocation

Provocation. The necessary Cause of Anger is Pain.
This Pain may have been attributed to
the act of the suffering party who is the object of the violence in question or not:
If attributed, it may have been attributed
rightly or mistakenly.
If rightly, it is called there is said to have been Provocation.

— adequate or inadequate. This Provocation may have been adequate
or inadequate.
The circumstances under which This Provocation may have been offerd, may
have been such as either to afforded ground to
expect the reputation of it or not.

A Provocation looked upon by the Law as adequate, constitutes
an exemptive circumstance.

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