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6) Personal Violences. Simple.

From Consent. person is the subject. as in case of Boxing Matches 2dly Of a Party under
whose power the former is under with respect
to person. Wherein of the age of consent. Power Ju Domestic Wherein of the power of Parents, School-masters
and Guardians, Husbands, Wives, Masters
of Apprentices, Masters of Journeymen
Masters of Menial Domestics. Power Military &c Military Commanders
over with respect to listed Soldiers. Military Commanders
with respect to persons at large in time of Martial
Law. 2. Circumstances warranting a presumption
of consent of any such parties. + + N.B. Apply this consent to the several ingredients in the action.
From Power Judicial 3. A Judicial. Sentence 3. Circumstances indicating
an intention of producing a greater benefit
to the party greater than the mischief of the pain.
4. & 5. The same with respect to a party related
to him whose person is the subject of the act, and
to a stranger. Necessity Wherein of Necessity, and
Charity. Charity. 6. Adequate Provocations.

Battery Inadequacy of the Technical name
Battery. Sense of it the roughness
and simplicity of primitive times.

Assault. Assault the Technical name for such acts or that at rise
the same time introductory to any act of the sort of the principal ones in question
and indicative of the an intention to perform it.

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