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11) Personal Violences. Simple.

Personal Injury Definition. Under per the name of Personal Injury I
would include any voluntary act or voluntary
forbearance whereby a man person the agent is the Author
of bodily pain to the person of to another.

Motive - Natural )( Accidental. Motives [to an act] may be distinguished
into 1st Natural, that is usual: and
2dly accidental. incidental

Motive Nat. Hatred. Anger The natural motive to an act of prsonal
violence as to a personal injury is Hatred Anger
that is belongs to the irascible appetite: it
is a pleasure resulting from the hope of giving pain of the to a
person who has been the cause of anger.

Sport or Curiosity. A motive that now and then but surely
determines a man to an act of this sort is
sport or curiosity. This belongs & this even without any mixture of hatred. not to the concupiscible appetite.

Instances of the operation of this motive we see
in the pleasure taken in seeing the combats of gladiators among the Romans — of the Prizefighters
among us, and in worrying animals
and setting men or boys to fight &c.

Disablement. Motive. When disablement tho' but temporary is the
proposed consequence of the pain, any pleasure
the attainment of which was supposed to be withstood by the
party injured, and which his with disablement it might is

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