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12) Personal Violences. Simple.

is supposed might prevent him from standing
in the way of, may become a any such
pleasure, I say, or any pain which the sufferance
of which was apprehended by the means
of the party injured, and which such disablement
it is supposed might prevent him from contributing occasioning
to, may so might may serve as a motive
to the injury.

Motive of the Instrument. With respect to the instrument, any a person concurring in the production
of pain to a person merely as an instrument
to a person actuated by any of the above primary
motives, any pleasure which might serve
as a motive, the attainment of which the auth shall may have been
hoped for through the Author's means of him who is the
[first] Author and prime mover of the act.

Motive — what shall be presumed By What motive a man shall be presumed to have
been activated to the commission of this offence
where nothing in the circumstances of the case occurs
to fix it to one more than to another.

Errors. Force and Arms. They made excusable: they saw not all: but what they did see They stated what they saw painted as they saw: it: we
who state paint it not any thing as we see it, we who
state paint what we see not as it is but as they saw it
thought it was: are without excuse we who utter falshood
without motive, and absurdity without shame, are
[without excuse]. void of all manner of excuse.

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