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15) Personal Violences. Simple.

grossest and most intolerable of all injuries. To what
circumstances in the constitution of the human fabric, this singularity
is owing it is not here our business to enquire. That the
fact is so, is sufficient for our purpose.
Vitellius — Verelst, story of the Broth.

Punishment The best mode of Punishment of all for Simple Personal
Injuries is Fine pecuniary Punishment: on
account of the means it affords of making compensation
to the party injured.

For this same reason, In consequence: it is to the benefit of the
party injured that it ought in general to be
applied: So in ignominious injuries, if to a Charity of his appointment. This will save his honour. and that the author inasmuch as in
simple personal injuries such as are here in
question, there is no room principle of honour or
any other principle to dissuade him from except
entitling himself to it by prosecuting

In particular cases therefore however there may be; and
on that account it is proper to give the
prosecutor a power of waiving that benefit in
the first instance.

So also Observe also upon incompetency.

Setting Men Traps in Gardens. Qu. as to the
right. Answ. The ground is one's own. The owner has a
right to do what he pleases with it. To put it to what use he pleases
A stranger A stranger can not incur the mischief, without doing an act whereby the supposition he has no right to do.

Attempts. An attempt to do an obnoxious act is an act indicative of the intention
to do it: and is therefore punishable, because
indicative of such intention.
But an act that is itself obnoxious in a
certain way [on a certain account] may be indicative
of an intention to committ another a d act obnoxious

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