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16) Personal Violences Simple

Attempts. -ous on a distinct account. In this case it may be
punishable by distinct punishments: by one, as
an act in itself obnoxious: by another as an

Fraud on the Sufferer. Analysis of the means omitted. I will not here attempt to enumerate the various
means by which it may lie in the power
of the one man so to act on the mind of another as to to induce another him to subject himself
to Pain: Perhaps it a would not be possible:
certainly it is not necessary. (The question to be [In
order to ascertain the presence or absence of criminality] the
question [to be answered] is, simply whether the intention
to produce the Pain in question did or not
exist: not by what means it was fulfilled. It is
needless to enquire in what which of an indefinite
number of ways a thing may have been done, circumstance may have happen'd when
let it have been done which way it will, happen'd which way it will there is it makes
no difference. there is no reason why there should be any difference should in in the conduct that ought to be observed
[by the Law] in consequence of it. [by him who is making the enquiry.]

Conduct of the Work. Qu. Whether to subjoin make a separate whole
[head] of remarks on the Law as it stands, or to
engraft incorporate them in the form of notes on with the other


Disfigurement mischief consequential. From Pers. Inj. Aggr. 13. Consequential mischief of Disfigurement — loss of
Marriage. Penalty at least the value of the
Marriage. Belise & Lendor in Marmontel. In the Scruple of a tale of Marmontel's
The wound which is supposed to have cost young Lendor an eye is
mortal to Belisa's love. No sooner has Lendor lost Lindor by being supposed an eye, than has lost Belisa's love Belisa it is to be observed is here not the caricature, but the portrait of the sex: it were but fair to say, of her the species. Lendor a young Soldier, the wound received in service. If the incident had not been in nature, Mr Marmontal
would not never have introduced it.

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