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Inserenda. (1 Pers. Inju. Simple — Errors Strictures of the Law.

Force and Arms It has been observed that it matters not with regard
to the reason there is for making an act
of this sort penal, it matters not by what particular
class of powers in any of the instruments the instrument [employ'd happens]
the pain which is the event intrinsically
obnoxious happens to have been produced. That
pain being given, the reason the Law has for
endeavouring to preventing it is precisely the same, by whatever
are the means by which it may have been produced.
For what is the end which the Law aims
at, or ought to aim at in taking cognizance
of the matter? It is the prevention of this pain
and nothing else. The truth of all this, when once
brought into view [suggested] is too plain to be contested.
Obvious however as at this time of day it is to us, at the
it was far enough from manifesting itself to those
antient Lawyers who ever they may have been, from
whom the Law in this behalf is made still to borrow
it's formularies of Procedure.

The properties by which it is most common for
an instrument [of pain] to produce pain that sensation in a
sensible subject are what may be called it's mechanical
properties; properties which in a greater
or less degree it possesses in as much as it is
matter, they being properties common to all matter:
I mean weight, and hardness solidity and motivity. mobility [and external configuration.

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