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2) Pers. Inj. Simple. Errors Inserenda.


Force and Arms. When in virtue of these properties a mass
of matter has been made to acts so as to produce pain, force is said
to have been employ'd. The most obvious method
of producing the event in question is this of force.
In order to apply this force it is in most cases
necessary that the author of the injury should
be present: should be in the presence of the
him who is thus made to suffer. The former Being thus
in the presence, of the latter may naturally enough expect
opposition from him: to guard himself against
which it is as natural for him, when he at the time he is engaged in the enterprize La premiere concurrence pour l'autorite fut decidee a coups de siving; la seconde a corps de masson: ensuct vinrul la hache & l' ipee; & dasis ceths massive more 2 Monmouth 225. to provide be provided
the arms.] himself with instruments proper suitable for to the purpose. Such instruments that are called arms or weapons.

These properties that we have been speaking of being
those which are aptest and earliest to manifest
themselves in all bodies, are those which men
will naturally be most apt to have recourse to avail themselves
of [in their endeavours to produce the effect in
question. Force then is the method which of all
others it requires least skill and ingenuity to employ.
It is the method therefore which will have been most employ'd
in the earliest times and among the rudest nations. It is the method
therefore which behoves to have been most frequently
practised even still, but more particularly
in the earliest stages of our Jurisprudence. It
is therefore that which behoves to have been most
adverted to by those who have b in the earliest stages

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