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Inserenda. 3 ) Personal Injuries (3

Force and Arms. of our Jurisprudence had the Law in under their management.

Even in the most refined ages, this method as we have
observed this method behoves, to have the most
frequently employ'd. is that which behoves to have been the most frequent But even in among in the most
ignorant and barbarous nations we can scarce
suppose it for any length of time to have been
exclusively the only method employ'd. For all this [At the same
time] Meanwhile For all this I know not what antient
Lawyers whose absurdities the even when recognized modern ones
continue still [blandly and obstinately] with blind
obstinacy to follow, established it as a maxim
that an mischief of this sort should not be
punishable, unless produced by force. It does
not certainly appear to what this
was owing. If they knew not that the
production of such an effect equally demanded
punishment whatever where were the means,
in the knew nothing they [were grossly ignorant] knowledge of the ends of Justice.
of they were grossly deficient. If they knew not
that the effect was producible by other means
as well as this, point of sagacity indeterminent they fell short
of the most rudest savages ignorant barbarians [we know of]
Still more inconsiderate must they have been, if
they thought that the circumstance of carrying
arms was a circumstance [necessary to the production
if that] effect] without which that effect could not

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