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6) Pers:l Injuries. Strictures

Assault can be made without force: which that is no defence at all.
All that the By laying hands gently upon a man gently
and no otherwise than gently what you may do is to intimate
to him that it is your wish he should get about
his business, which is what speaking to him telling him so
will do altogether as effectually: if he would will not
go for bidding upon being bid but stays till you compel him to go,
how by much a gentle touching he should be forced to go,
how "gentleness" should operate compulsion is more
than one can conceive.

The physical idea be that is annexed by the Lawyers
to the word assault being thus perpetually upon the shifting and
moving change, all the notion you can get from what they
say of an assault is that it is such an act of acts
that are exercised upon a man's person or done in
the view of bringing some body in contact with his
person, or of intimating an intention to bring some body in contact with his person it is such an act as the Law [is well used to] punish.
but how among these to know an act one which the Law will
punish from one which it will not punish is what
than more than is to be learnt from any thing they
tell you: It is the old circle — Enquire of these What is the act
which the Law will punish — why after a great
deal of talking backwards and forwards a multitude
of Latin phrases hard words and contradictions, it turns out
to be what? just such an act as the Law will

In using making use of the word assault they can think of nothing
but force and violence: so that hence attempts on which no force
is used are to go unpunished.

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