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7) Pers:l Inj:s — Strictures.

Defence of a Master no justification. This miserable sophism is as inconsistent with other
doctrines of the Law in the matter of Justifiction
as it is with reason and utility. The Wife has no
action against a man for the beating of her Husband, [the
child for the beating of his Parent] than the Servant for the
beating of his master. Apt the Law allows the Wife
to defend her Husband: it is not so [lost to] dead to all social feeling,
as to forbid the child from defending his Parent: why
should it punish the servant for the defending of his

If we may believe Mr Buller, .... and.
that same Law which permitts a Master to defend his Servant
the Law [makes it a rule to] punishes the servant who
defends his master — why for this notable reason that One cannot help being curious to
know the reason — it is this. The Master it seems It is no matter
may have an action for the ba That the servant
should be beat is a matter of pecuniary damage to the
master: for which the Law gives an action but that the master should be beat is not a
matter of pecuniary damage to the servant: the Law
in this case allows gives no action. If then a man acts
from any other motive than a mercenary one, he is
to be punished for it. When a man What a man person is to do in order
to be safe is this. [Of When he sees [a man any one He sees beating his
master] his] If he should happen come to see his master
beaten, in the hands of ruffians, let him suffer ever so suffering in danger
sinking and imploring his assistance. he is to like Has he any thoughts
care word by no means to think of giving it: but of giving it? No says the Law you shan't. I will tell he is
to fold his you what you shall do. You shall stand still with your arms across and say to your Master — No. I am never the
poorer for your being beat, what [is it I am] should I be to defend you
for? If you but often but to hold up a finger in hi defence of him and you shall be punished. So it the Law serves the Servant: and if it could believe the

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