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8) Pers:l Inj:s Strictures.

Defence of a Master No justification. the Master capable of defending the Servant upon
any other motive principle that that of saving the money which
he might be out of pocket by the man's being disabled,
it would punish him. If Lawyers had made it their
study to obliterate in out of men's hearts all every in several
feelings and all notion every idea of moral duty, they could not
have gone to work more unhappily.
Go on at the beginning of p. 7.

Throughout the whole of this topic I have purposely
& constantly avoided the use of the word Assault, of which we hear so which makes such a figure
much from Lawyers. in the books of Lawyers. Whatever meaning it might
have had originally, I found [quite spoilt] confounded
and in a manner spoilt by technical application.
The meaning of the word attempt a word in popular
use, I found [beyond much more comparison] more precise. This
is however is but one among the so many other instances as there
are to which prove that in the language of Lawyers
professors of a science of which precision is the soul,
there is in general much less precision than in that
of the common people. [They of all people are the men
whom no contradictions startle puzzle stop in whom no falshoods
raise a blush.]

Omissions Mr Buller says + + Introd. 69. "an Action upon the case will likewise
"lie for consequential damages where the act itself is not
an Injury." He then proceeds to give instances.

The first instance he gives is this, "As if a man" says he,
"who ought to inclose against my Land do not inclose,
"by which the cattle of his Tenants enter into my Land
"and do Damage to me." Here then the man in question does
nothing. This doing nothing Mr Buller calls the acts act itself. He means I

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