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2) Personal Injuries Simple. Exemptive circumstances.

Powers over Persons. There are sorts of persons who in this country
are invested with this sort of authority by
the Law. as towards the sorts of persons that are respectively correlative to them. and with respect to whom therefore when
[they are] concerned in inflicting the sort of pain
that is in question the circumstance that gives them
their authority operates as an exemption circumstance.
These are 1st the [Judge]. + + Judicial Magistrate in the cases
in which this mode of punishment is by the Law
appointed for the offence. permitted to be employ. written or unwritten 2dly A Parent' 3dly a
and persons either mediately or immediately or intermediately
authorized by him. with regard to his Child within age. 3dly In default of
parents the Guardian or Guardians. with regard to the Ward. 4thly The
Master of an Apprentice A Schoolmaster or private
Preceptor and his immediate or intermediate delegates and assistants with regard to his Scholar. 5thly
perhaps a Husband, and perhaps his immediate and perhaps
his intermediate delegates with regard to his wife.
but subject to the controul of the Judge 6thly. The Master of an Apprentice with regard to his Apprentice
7thly The Master of a hired menial servant with
regard to each his servant. 8thly The Keeper of a Public Work House
of Correction Prison or House of Correction with respect to
the those persons under his care. 9thly The Keeper of a
Mad-house, with respect to those under his care.
10thly. A Military Officer whether commanding by Sea or Land,
with regard respect to persons under his command. By In military powers persons are disposed of not for their own sake benefit or for the sake of each as for single person or persons but as things are for the benefit of the community in general. 11thly
A person acting in a Medical capacity either in
the way of his profession or out of benevolence, with
respect to a patient, so it be with the consent
of the patient or under a presumption of his consent.

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