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1) Pers. Inj:s Disablement temporary. (1

Disablement — what. By an act of disablement, I mean any act
the effect of which is by application of some
body to the or in other words portion of matter
to the person of the party said to be disabled
renders him unable to perform exercise some [bodily] function, or even mental
which otherwise he would have had it in his
power, and was likely to have had it in his
wish to perform. exercise.

Disablement temporary — The Mischiefs of it what Disablement in the case where it is permanent
has already been consider'd. The case in which
it remains to be consider'd is that in which it is
only of a transient and temporary nature.

It is With respect to the mischiefs which it is
the nature of temporary disablement when temporary
to produce, nothing in particular need
be said. observed They The mischiefs of temporary disablement are in their nature the same
as those of permanent disablement. The pains
are of the same sorts + +The only difference between the two cases is that in the former there is not time for so many of them to exist as in the latter. they differ. It is in degree
only that they differ. Setting aside any pro peculiar extraordinary
damage they may produce, the mischief
it is in their nature of an act temporary disablement nature to produce is to
that of the permanent disablements as the time
during which the disablement continues is to the
mean time which a persons of the age & health of him who
What makes it requisite to enter into details is is the object of the injury have to live.

Exempt. circumst. why so Disablement permanent admitts of so few. It is the consideration of the exemptive circumstances belonging to this
head of offence [that will lead us into details.] Perpetual Disablement
when [intentional] it is the object of the intention and where the pain of it is the exterior motive [of the agent] when temporary permanent, admitts not
as we have seen of any exemptive circumstances
[except those of Legal authority, and can act for health's
sake, and benevolence]. The reason is evident. Perpetual Disablement

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