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7) Pers. Inj:s Disablement temporary. (7

[Restraint twofold.] in purely natural society: by the both together in
political. The imperfection of the latter is, that it is
liable to be abused, abused to a wrong purpose, as when applied to a right purpose, to be carried to an excess and that in the greater part of the
cases in which it is wanted it is not to be had.
For in general a man will not attack unless where there it is
a probability of most probable that he is the strongest.
so spent his adversary no in other words, where his adversary
will not have it in his power to restrain him.
As to the rest it this on restraint where it is to be had
is much the more effectual efficacious of the two. Since For it is
prompt & certain, and sure to be as much strong powerful as it is
requisite it should be. The other restraint, which is
so apt to be deficient in the above points, is but
a supplement to the former.

2dly Still more when the public is consider'd. Take away the constraint off then from the aggressor, the restraint of self-defence and
he will feel himself exempted from the most efficacious
of those restraints which should prevent him
from the execution of his purpose. An universal
apprehension of injuries of this kind will by this
means spread itself more and more through the
community: more and more, the as the acts productive
of the sort of pain on which the apprehension
is grounded do, happen under favour of [their partial toleration such indulgence]
to increase and multiply.

Lay on this restraint and no such effect will follow.
The purpose of the defender is by the supposition no other only
than to put a stop to the pain he himself is or is about
to be put to: made to suffer: that purpose attained he is quiet. From
a man indulged with the licensed to act in the character
of an aggressor every man has every thing to
fear: to avoid suffering pain at the hands of such a person

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