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9) Pers:l Injuries. Disabli:t tempy9)

property This case not so Simple as the former also of the property of intending the exemption to all
attacks upon property will be so much the more as satisfactory are soon
to , if we succed in our endeavours to shew it
that it is proper to extend it even in those cases that
are of least mischievous nature.

Mischiefs of defence in this case less than those of attack Divested of the circumstances that render it extraordinarily
mischievous, an attack upon property must
be in circumstances that leave room to imagine that no room but to conclude but but
the attacker [aggressor] supposed himself to have
a title to the things possession of in question. This is the case the most favourable
case to the aggressor in which we can suppose the attack
to have been made.

1st as between the aggressor and the defender. Thus then stands the case between the aggressor and the
defender. They each of them conceive the thing in question
to be his own property. In this respect they are
upon a par. But the defender has it actually in
his possession.

It is not necessary in this place to fix the idea belonging
to the word possession; nor to mark out expressly the
circumstances upon which a man's being in possession
of a thing depends. That enquiry belongs to another
place. Let it here suffice that the defender is in
those circumstances whatever they may be. The Defender
is in possession.

Upon this supposition then we proceed upon with the argument.
It is [more painful worse] to a man to [be made to] lose, than
not to [be permitted] to gain. To consider therefore The
pain of aggressive pain of the disablement, alone, it to consider that alone is not so great as
[the defender's pain of privation] would have been who the defender's

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