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11) Pers:l Inj:s Disabl:t temporary. (11

— property Mischiefs of defence in this case less than those of attack. punishment in case of his doing such inflicting such acts as are neces
doing such personal injuries to an agressor as are necessary
to his defending his property] is less than
what would be produced by his not being permitted. being prohibited.
Thus stands the account of pain and pleasure as
between them two, the aggressor and the defender.

2dly still more when the public is consider'd. Secondly there is here as in the former case a
mischief of a public nature consequent upon
the aggressor's effecting his purpose, which there is not
upon the defender's propr possessor's effecting his. Tie
up the hands of the proprietor, and the same alarm
[and sense of insecurity] would spread itself
prevail among men on the score of their property
as in the former case on the score of their persons.
The same A like sense of insecurity the same
would spread itself among them. They would be
subjected as in the former case to pains of apprehension: the apprehension only difference
would be that the apprehension was grounded there on
pain of the organical kind: here on the pain of the mental
kind: the pain of privation.

But the private mischief of the attack has been
shewn to be alone greater than that of the defence:
but and the public mischief of the attack is still greater
than the private: therefore the total mischief of the
attack, private & public and private together is shewn much greater
than the total mischief of the defence.

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